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React-Native : Qonversion dashboard and Qonversion.permission data is not match properly.

---System Information---
react-native : 0.63.4
react-native-qonversion: 3.3.0
Device info : iPhone 7 (iOS 15.5)

I am getting not proper permission data for a particular user-id when changed login. In Qonversion dashboard there is showing no subscription but in Mobile device Qonversion.checkPermission() returns with an active subscription.
Here is data received from Qonversion.checkPermission()
Permissionss Map {"duals_pro" => {"expirationDate": 1657006529000, "isActive": true, "permissionID": "{{permission_id}}", "productID": "{{product_id}}", "renewState": 1, "startedDate": 1656406908000}}

---Reproduce Step---

  1. Login with User1 => purchase the subscription => logout from User1 (also used Qonversion.logout())
  2. Login with User2

Here, User2 also showing an active subscription in Mobile but a search in Qonversion Dashboard with Qonversion_id there is showing no active subscription.

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