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ASA attribution dashboard for Apple Search Ads tracking

Qonversion collects Apple Search Ads advertising attribution data so you can accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and see exactly how much revenue each Apple Search Ads campaign and keyword generates. Qonversion accurately tracks in-app events including subscription renewals, trial conversions, and in-app purchases to define top-performing campaigns and keywords. Attribution dashboard leverages Apple Search Ads API and Ad Services framework combined with SDK data and server-side receipt validation. Qonversion ASA attribution works independently of the SKAdNetwork.


Make sure you have configured Apple Search Ads integration correctly.


Apple Search Ads Dashboard

Qonversion ASA dashboard tracks the following metrics:

Available Metrics


Keyword ID

Keywords are relevant words or terms someone may use when searching for an app like yours on the App Store.


The number of installs for the selected time period.


The number of trials for the selected time period.


The number of purchases for the selected time period.

Direct Subscriptions

The number of subscriptions started for the selected time period.

Install to trial

The percentage of new users that started a trial.

Install to subscription

The percentage of new users that converted to a subscriber.

Trial conversion rate

The number of trial start events divided by the number of installs for the selected time period.


The total revenue from users acquired during the period selected including subscription renewals.


Average Revenue Per User. ARPU shows how much revenue a user brings to the company on average over a certain period of time.


Average Revenue Per (Paying) User - the metric that considers only paying customers, as opposed to ARPU.

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